Company Name - Professional Bellydance Performer & Teacher
Habibi (Angie) is an experienced performer and teacher of the ancient art of Egyptian belly dance.  Teaching for ten years, she has the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance ( JWAAD ) foundation teaching diploma.  She has 20 years of belly dance experience with worldwide knowledge of  this diverse art form .  Educated by famous teachers from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, India, France, Australia and America. 
Bellydance celebrates the female form and femininity. Its a dance for all whatever size or age. Fantastic fun and a wonderful way to keep fit and supple. An all round confidence booster and great way to meet new friends.
Habibi and 'The Flowers of the Desert'
Habibi and The Flowers of the Desert
A short clip of Habibi and The Flowers of the Desert performing .

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